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Stratford and District Right to Life Executive

October 2020 to September 2021


Past President: Pat Bannon


President: Virginia Miller


Vice President: 


Recording Secretary: Carla Revington


Newsletter Editor: Virginia Miller


Treasurer: Mary Kay Lobsinger


Correspondence Secretary: Mary Kay Lobsinger


Website: Mary Kay Lobsinger



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Membership: Mary Kay Lobsinger



Board Members:


Mary Horenberg


Janet Albert


Glenn Kahle


Terry Miller


Mary Kay Lobsinger


Meetings- Fourth Tuesday of September, October, November, January, February, March, April, May, June, and August.  


Meeting time and place:  Due to COVID19 we are not able to meet at St. Joseph's Parish Hall Meeting room downstairs at 1.00 p.m. Call Virigina at 519-393-4800 to confirm meeting place.


Annual General Meeting

​Open to everyone

​Tuesday Sept.28, 2021 at 7.30 p.m


​Tom Diemand's place

4341 RD 119

Stratford, ON,

N5A 6S2




Picketing- Last Thursday of every month Prayerful Pro Life Hospital Witness
Join us in front of Victoria Hospital in London (Wellington&Commissioners Rd.) from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Peaceful protest. We leave Stratford at 3:00 p.m.

Contact Terry Miller: 519-393-8400  



Advertising -  

  • 2 large billboards on the main entrances/exits of Stratford
  • billboards on Highway 23, north of Mitchell 
  • Provide support for private billbords with Pro-Life Message
  • Pro-Life ads in local News Papper


Youth Groups

  • We send them occasional pamphlets, newsletters and involve them in the Life Chain.

Ontario Students for Life

  • We work in conjunction with St. Michael's Students for Life (Stratford) and St. Anne's Students for Life (Clinton).

T.V. Ads

  • We financially support the "Reaching Minds Through Media 2010 Campaign" in co-operation with other area groups.
  • For more information on the T.V. ads see our support page and the article in the May/June 2000 Newsletter.


  • Stratford&District Right to Life groups are non-political in their actions but attend political meetings to remain aware of the stances of politicians.

Letter Writing
Letter writing is most important, please continue to write letters to your MP and MPP. It is also important to write letters to the editor of your newspaper. For more information please see our letter writing page.


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41st Annual Art Contest - January 1st to April 1st, 2018

For children in Kindergarten to Grade 8 (Elementary and Home School)


Mary Devlin Memorial Bursary Award 
New for 2013 a bursary for a High School student, who excells in his or her stand on the pro-life issues. The bursary has been split, so there are now 2 busaries for St. Anne's CSS and 2 busaries for St. Michael's CSS.


Southwestern Ontario Pro-Life Meeting



Alliance for Life Ontario Provincial Conference

March for Life
Attending the Annual March for Life in Ottawa is an important way for each one of us to stand up and be counted for                                                                      Life with our fellow Canadians. 
Adults $50.00 ----SDRTL-t-shirts should be worn [t-shirts are still available]
Contact Pat Bannon at 519-273-1616    E-mail;   leansimplified@rogers.com
"You are called to stand up for life!..... You are called to work and pray against abortion....."John Paul II

2018  was very successful with 25,000 ++++ people attending

Pro-Life Awareness Week
In conjunction with London's RTL office: Information is sent to all Catholic and Christian churches in this area: we supply the prayer sheets and encourage activities (videos, letter-writing, etc...)

International Pro-Life Conference -

 33nd Annual Life Chain - Sunday October 3th 2021   


Life Chain is on the first Sunday of October, from 2:00 pm-3:00 pm at most Canadian locations.


There will be three locations in Stratford this year;

1. In front of St. Joseph's Church on Huron Street, Stratford, Ontario 
2. In front of Walmart store on Ontario Street, Stratford, Ontario

3. In front of Popeyes fast food on Ontario Street, Stratford, Ontario (use to be the Tim Hortan's) 


There will be no social gathering before or after the silent witness to Life. 


The past year's Life Chain attracted approximately 175 ++ people in Stratford. Across Canada and the US similar "Chains" enforced the idea that human life, especially those who are innocent and defenceless must be protected. 
It is urgent that we make known the sacredness of life at a time when courts refuse to recognize the unborn child as a human being. 
The overall purpose of the chain is not only to broadcast the message but to emphasize that we will never give in until the unborn are treated like other innocent people.

The Life Chain usually takes place on the first Sunday in October.. 
The participants form a Life Chain (standing approximately 10 feet apart) and carry signs which read "Abortion Kills Children" and "Abortion Hurts Women" (signs provided). 
Please stand on one side of the street only. 
This is a silent, peaceful and prayerful event for the whole family. 
People from our area "Stand For Life" on Huron and Ontario Streets from 2:00 pm until 3:00 pm. 
(will not happen this year due to COVID-19 Afterward, refreshments will be served at St. Joseph's Parish Hall sponsored by St. Joseph's Catholic Women's League and Immaculate Conception). .

Hallowe'en 2013 - Don't Get Tricked Into Supporting UNICEF - October 31st 
While UNICEF does feed and clothe children in 120 countries, it also funds abortion and sterilization in those same countries. 
In the United Nations Fund for Population Activities' own Inventory of Population Projects, it was revealed that in Nepal in 1987-88, UNICEF cooperated in a project "to organize, expand and improve the quality of sterilization in mobile units country-wide." 
In the 1990 inventory, it was reported that UNICEF contributed $1.3 million to aid a project in Malawi which has its own objective, "the development of surgical contraception services." In May of 1993, UNICEF announced that it would increase its support of "major population initiatives."

We cannot support UNICEF if this anti-life work continues. 
We should stop contribution to UNICEF in our offices and in door-to-door appeals on Halloween night and instead contribute to agencies which directly help Third World children such as:

The Holy Childhood Association, Margaret T. Tipping, 
3329 Danforth Aven., Unit D, 
Scarborough, ON M1L 4T3 
Abortion-pushing UNICEF is Back for Hallowe'en and the Whole Month of October in a New Collection Drive
"Trick or Treat for UNICEF" is a program for schools to encourage children to become involved in the abortion-promoting group. The Plan is to extend fund-raising through the schools for the entire month of October. 
Pro-life advocates have campaigned for years against UNICEF's dedication to abortion, calling on them to return to their original vision. 
UNICEF is aligned with International Planned Parenthood, which ranks second only to the Chinese government in the volume of abortions it provides. 
In 1997, The Catholic School Board of Toronto discontinued its token $2000 donation to the organization. 

Some Pro-Life and Pro-Family international aid organizations assisting mothers and children in the developing world include:

Canadian Food For Children, 
email CFFC_BC@yahoo.ca
3218-224 Street, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2G8 
and MaterCare International matercare.org and 
Aid to the Church in Need www.kirche-in-not.org/index.html

To contact UNICEF Canada with your concerns 
email Halloween@unicef.ca 
Write: UNICEF Canada, 
Canada Square, 2200 Yonge Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, Ont M4S 2C6 
Phone: 416-482-4444 email: secretary@unicef.ca

Read the pamphlet: 



49 Annual Right to Life Dinner in 2021 CANCELED due to COVID19

Saturday November 7,2020



Stratford and District Right to Life 48th Annual Dinner Saturday, November 7th, 2020

Stratford Christian Reformed Church Social: 5:30 pm         Dinner: 6:30 pm $25.00 Adults     $18.00 Students

Key Note Speaker: tbd


For tickets and information, please contact Virginia Miller at 519 393-8400