Art Contest 2016 Winners

1st        Alanah Tscuni           St. Patrick, Kinkora         $15.00
2nd      Andrew Furstac        St. Patrick, Kinkora         $10.00
3rd      Samual DeGroot       St. Patrick, Kinkora          $ 5.00
3rd      Trinity Award            St. Patrick, Kinkora          $ 5.00
​Grade One
​1st        Eve Binns                  St. Joseph, Stratford         $15.00
2nd      Kylie Clark                St. Joseph, Stratford         $10.00
3rd      Declan Tracey           St. Joseph, Stratford         $  5.00
Hon    Murray Wallace        St. Joseph, Stratford         $  3.00
​Grade Two
​1st      Leah Dale                    St. Joseph, Clinton            $ 15.00
2nd    Katherine Reid          St. Joseph, Stratford          $ 10.00
3rd     Isabel Delavega         St. Aloysius, Stratford        $   5.00
Hon   Holly Grace                St. Aloysius, Stratford        $   3.00
Grades Three and Four
1st      Cody Wilos                 Precious Blood, Exeter       $20.00
2nd   Choe McCann             Our Lady of Mt Carmel      $ 15.00
3rd    Campbell Ryan          St. Columban                        $ 10.00
3rd    Chelsea Peeters         St. Mary's Listowel               $ 10.00
​Grade Five
​1st      Emma Lincoln          St. Patrick, Kinkora              $ 20.00
1st      Paige DeJong            St. Patrick, Kinkora              $ 20.00
2nd    Olivia Harding          St. Aloysius, Stratford          $ 15.00
2nd    Noah Middleton       St. Joseph, Clinton                $ 15.00
3rd    Joel Martin                 St. Aloysius, Stratford          $ 10.00
​Grade Six
​1st      Mikaela Gibson         St. Mary's, Listowel              $ 20.00
2nd    Emma Ducharme     St. Boniface, Zurich              $ 15.00
3rd    Charlotte Juhnke      Our Lady of Mt. Carmel       $ 10.00
Hon   Brea Thornton           St. Mary's, Listowel              $   5.00
We extend a big "Thank You​" to Janet Albert and all the
judges. Congratulations to all the winners. Well done!
On Wednesday, June 10th 2015, the Stratford & District Right to Life held its awards
presentation for the elementary school grades for its Annual Art Contest. The
prizes awarded were as follows:
$15.00 Alyssa Heins St. Patrick’s Kinkora
2nd $10.00 Emma Groenestege St. Patrick’s Kinkora
3rd $5.00 Maren Marshall St. Patrick’s Kinkora
Grade 1 1st
$15.00 Tessa Burdett St. Aloysius Stratford
2nd $10.00 Rylee Kipfer St. Patrick’s Kinkora
3rd $5.00 Rachel Sinko St. Aloysius Stratford
Grade 2 1st
$15.00 Aveleen Flood St. Aloysius Stratford
2nd $10.00 Erika Horan St. Aloysius Stratford
3rd $5.00 Hayden Nicholson St. Patrick’s Dublin
Grade 3 1st
$15.00 Kyle Mills St. Columban St. Columban
2nd $10.00 Tucker Grillanders St. Columban St. Columban
3rd $5.00 Billie Schooderwoerd St. Columban St. Columban
Grade 4 1st
$20.00 Jacob Hall St. Aloysius Stratford
2nd $15.00 Ella Makohn St. Aloysius Stratford
Grade 5 1st
$20.00 Ava Overholt St. Boniface Zurich
$20.00 Haillie Brouwn St. Boniface Zurich
2nd $15.00 Jocely Boersen St. Patrick’s Kinkora
2nd $15.00 Jakob Krausz Holy Name of
St. Marys
3rd $10.00 Narissa Connolly Holy Name of
St. Marys

Grade 6 1st
$20.00 Alysha Lalonde Our Lady of
Mount Carmel Dashwood
2nd $15.00 Sydnie Miller St. Aloysius Stratford
3rd $10.00 Hayley McAuley St. Aloysius Stratford
Grade 7 2nd $30.00 Alayne Egli St. Aloysius Stratford
3rd $20.00 Candace Abell St. Joseph’s Stratford
Honorable mentions

Grade 4 $5.00 Alaynna Jordan St. Columban St. Columban
Grade 6 $5.00 Kieran St. Aloysius Stratford
Grade 7 $10.00 Leela Pereira St. Columban St. Columban


We congratulate all the winners and thank them for a job well done! We also
wish to thank the judges for their time and diligence!




The following letter was received from bursary award winner, Thomas Horenberg. Thomas we wish you well in all your endeavours!


Dear Stratford & District Right to Life
I would like to thank you for allowing and giving me the Mary Devlin Memorial Bursary. I always appreciated these types of awards beacuse anybody can get the highest mark in a class, but not everyone has the guts to stand up for their faith. I see this award as that: Standing up for faith. I am truly greatful that you saw this character in me and decided that it was worth an award. I will contunue to stand up for life issues because "every life is sacred from the womb to the tomb or conceptions to natural death."
May God bless you in all your works and give you the strength to continue to fight for the truth.
From Thomas Horenberg
Virgina Miller presents the Mary Devlin Bursary Award to Thomas Horenberg of St. Michael Catholic High School

SDRTL Art Contest, 2012