How you can get involved..

There are many ways that you can help in our fight for respect of all human life!


Financial Donations

Your financial support is needed and appreciated. 
For all donations of $20.00 or more, we will send you an income tax receipt.
Become a Member of the Stratford and District Right to Life and keep informed with our newsletters. Make a donation of $20.00 or more and receive a yearly membership.


Please send your name and postal address, along with your donation of $20.00 or more to:

Stratford&District Right To Life, 
Box 21133,
Stratford, Ont. 
N5A 7V4


All memberships include a tax deductible receipt and newsletter.


Area Contacts usually have Membership Drives in churches in Oct-Nov-Dec. If your church doesn't have a drive and you are interested in being a member, please email us at  Virginia Miller President


Membership money is used to absorb costs of newsletters, postage, purchasing literature and materials for educating the public. Donations of over $50.00 are used for special projects.


Your Volunteer Time is Desperately Needed!

Please help us with the mailing out of information to save babies! 
Our workload is getting heavier and we need hands and energy to help this great cause. 
You could choose a yearly project if you wish, or attend one of our meetings and decide what you would like to do. If you could just help out with one small thing! 
In addition to our regular day-to-day work, there are other important pro-life duties facing us from time to time, and often we do not have enough "people-power" to be as effective as we should be. 
We challenge you to accept one of the duties listed below and to make it your special way of responding to the cry for help from the Unborn.

- Newsletter: Help needed to write and assemble Newsletters

- General Office Work

- Letter Writing

- and more..


If you are interested contact Virginia at

  • Newsletter

Is published 4 times a year. December, March, June, October. Offer suggestions and articles for the newsletter. Help with editing and preparing newsletter contents. Arrange hall for newsletter assembling and contact other volunteers. Look after coffee and clean-up of kitchen. Help with the mail-out of our newsletters in the afternoons. Pick up/drop off mail-bags at the post office.

  • Art Contest

Help with mail-out to schools. Colour code art and arrange into proper grade for judging. Contact hall, judges and newspaper for pictures. Place art on Hall floor in proper categories before judging. Be present while judging and pick up all art afterwards. Make list of winners, letter to principals, total prize money to each school and forward to Treasurer. Send cheques and all info to schools and newspapers.


  • Annual Dinner

Mail-out to churches and groups. Prepare hall, etc. Arrange speaker, caterer, hall. Look after dinner ticket sales. Get volunteers to all tables (ie: cakes, cards, raffles, literature). Oct. 19, 2019 is the next Annual Dinner.

  • General Office Work

Filing, sorting pamphlets and books. Stamping envelopes for mailing, writing income tax receipts and thank-you letters.

  • Contact Person

Always needed for Ladies/Mens/Youth/Church groups.

  • Telephoning

Phone 10-12 people to remind them of upcoming events.

  • Presentations

Be a speaker or give us suggestions of speakers for presentations to groups, churches or schools. Accompany speaker, set-up pamphlets and other materials.

Please email our President Virginia at 

  • Pro Life Cheques

Pro Life Cheques are an effortless way to spread the pro-life message to dozens of people. Every cheque that is processed is seen by at least 15 people and many of them will be seeing the life- affirming "Protect All Preborn Children" message for the first time. 
You can order 200 cheques.. 
Please mail void cheque, along with payment
For the cost of the cheques, please call the # listed below.
"Federated Cheque Services Inc." and send to: 
Campaign Life Coalition, 104 Bond Street, Ste. 300, Toronto, M5B 1X9 or please call 1-800-730-5358 with questions.

Can go to Campaign Life Coalition website to pay and order cheques:

  • Memorial Fund

We encourage everyone to make a donation in memory of a deceased friend or relative to Stratford and District Right to Life. Cards are available from us and all Funeral Homes in our area. The Funeral Home sends the donation to us and we will forward you an income tax receipt. You may also send your donation directly to us at: Box 21133, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 7V4.



  • Letter Writing

Please see our Letter Writing page for information on contacting the Canadian government via letter and email regarding various pro-life issues.

  • Events

Annual General Meeting 


Details to come.. 


Prayerful Prolife Hospital Witness

On the last Thursday of every month we gather in front of Victoria Hospital in London to pray to end abortion.

‚ÄčA group leaves from Stratford at 3pm

If you are interested contact Terry Miller: 519-393-8400


Family Day

- When: June 1st, 2024

- Time: TBD


  • Reaching Minds Through Media Campaign

"Alliance for Life Ontario", a coalition of 60 Educational Pro-Life Groups, hopes to raise $500,000.00 to launch its "Pro-Life Television Ad Campaign" using the best advertising techniques and production values.


The "Reaching Minds Through Media Campaign" is a project run by Alliance for Life Ontario, the provincial organization for educational pro-life groups in Ontario. The goal of the campaign is to:

  • Reach millions of people across Ontario with life affirming messages 
  • Help pregnant women and teens get connected to crisis pregnancy centres 
  • Reduce abortion rates 
  • Cause people to think about/rethink their position on abortion 
  • Help post-abortive women heal from the pain of their abortion
  • Despite years of abortion on demand in Canada, polls continue to show that the most basic facts about abortion are not known by the majority of Canadians.