Letter Writing

Letter Writing

We need to contact our Government about the following issue:

Abortion and Euthanasia:


Federal Government

Address to MP's Name, House of Commons, Justice Building, Ottawa, K1A 0A6 
no postage is required!

The telephone number for information regarding Members of Parliament is 1-866-599-4999.

If you wish to email a member of Parliament, you would normally write the first five characters of their last name, then add the first letter of their first name, followed by '@parl.gc.ca'


Email Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca


Email Minister of Justice David Lametti at mcu@justice.gc.ca or David.Lametti@parl.gc.ca


Email Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor at minister_ministre@hc-sc.gc.ca or Ginette.petitpasTaylor@parl.gc.ca

Brooke Claxton Building, Tunney's Pasture, Postal Locator: 0906C, Ottawa, Ontario.K1A 0K0


Email Minister of State (Status of Women} Maryam Monsef: infonational@cfc.swc.gc.ca 


Write to:

His Excellency the Right Honourable David Lametti
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall, 1 Sussex Drive, 
Ottawa, Ontario 
K1A 0A1

Email MP - Perth Wellington John Nater at John.Nater@parl.gc.ca


Room 368 Confederation Building, Ottawa, Ontario. K1A 0A6 
Fax (613) 998-7902 : Telephone toll-free 1-866-303-1400 or (613) 992-6124


544 Huron Street, Stratford, N5A 5T9 
Telephone (519) 273-1400 : Fax (519) 273-9045


Email MP - Huron Bruce - Ben Lobb at Lobb.B@parl.gc.ca

30 Victoria St., Goderich, Ontario. N7A 2R6 
Tel 1-877-524-6560 or 519-524-6560 
Fax 519-612-1141


Email MP - Lambton-Kent-Middlesex - Bev Shipley at Shipley.B@parl.gc.ca 
Strathroy Telephone 519-245-6561, Fax 519-245-6736


Email MPP - Lambton-Kent-Middlesex - Monte McNaughton : monte.mcnaughton@parl.ola.org
Telephone 1-800-265-3916, Fax 416-326-3951


Email MP - Yorkton - Melville  Cathay Wagantall : cathay.wagantalle@parl.gc.ca
Fax (613) 992-8676


Please write your MP and Health Minister of Ontatio, Christine Elliottminister_ministre@hc-sc.gc.ca  regarding the following: 

* One in four Canadian children die before birth as a result of induced abortion. 
* In the absence of Canadian law, abortion on demand is available all nine months of pregnancy. 
* While residing in their mothers' wombs, Canadian children have neither legal recognition or legal protection. 
* An October 2002 survey of Canadians found that 56% believed that Canadian law should afford protection for human life to birth. 
* Please enact legislation that will provide legal recognition and protection of Canadian children from fertilization to their birth.


Provincial Government: 
Address to MPP's Name, Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Toronto Ontario, M7A 1A8 
(adequate postage is required)


Contact Premier Doug Ford: premier@ontario.ca


Email Andrea Horwath Opposition Leader, NDP Party at ahorwath-qp@ndp.on.ca or ahorwath-co@ndp.on.ca

Suite 200, 20 Hughson Street South, Hamilton, ON. L8N 2A1
Tel   905-544-9644, Fax   905-544-5152



Email MPP for Perth-Wellington Randy Pettapiece: randypettapiece@pc.ola.org or randy.pettapiececo@pc.ola.org  


Email MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thomspson at lisa.thompson@pc.ola.org
49 Albert Street, Box 1794, Clinton, Ontario. N0M 1L0 
1-800-668-9320 Fax 519-482-3149 


Email Attorney General Caroline Mulroney at attorneygeneral@ontario.ca


Email Health Minister Eric Hoskins at ehoskins.mpp@liveral.ola.org
416-327-4200  Fax 416-327-3679 



  • Atkins, Norman Kempton 
  • Cools, Anne Clare 
  • Di Nino Consiglio 
  • Eggleton, Art 
  • Eyton, John Trevor 
  • Grafstein, Jerahmiel S. 
  • Harb, Mac 
  • Kenny, Colin 
  • Keon, Wilbert Joseph 
  • Lebreton, Marjory 
  • Mahovlich, Francis William 
  • Meighen, Michael Arthur 
  • Milne, Lorna Ann 
  • Munson, Jim 
  • Murray, Lowell 
  • Pitfield, Peter Michael 
  • Poulin (Charette), Marie-Paule 
  • Poy, Vivienne 
  • Ruth, Nancy 
  • Segel, Hugh 
  • Smith, David Paul 
  • Stollery, Peter Alan

Address to {SENATOR'S NAME}, Senate of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A4

no postage is required! or telephone toll-free 1-800-267-7362



Please write the following letter to:

Doug Ford/ Health Minister Jane Philpott, Randy Pettapiece MPP Perth, 

Lisa Thomspson MPP Huron-Bruce:

Dear Member of the Ontario Legislature: 
Abortion has a number of complications and side effects both physical and psychological. 
Physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, surgery, eye examination, etc, are medical procedures. ABORTIONS ARE NOT. 
The decision to fund or not fund abortions is the responsibility of the Government of Ontario alone and has nothing to do with the Federal Government or the Canada Health Act. 
No goverment; federal, provincial or territorial has ever completed a risk/benefit analysis on abortion. How can the Government of Ontario claim "abortions are necessary" and therapeutic? How can you justify funding abortion with public money especially when the risks outweigh the benefits? 
We request you bring our concerns to the Minister of Health and commence the necessary procedure to remove abortion from the "Schedule of Benefits". 
Yours truly, 
Sign your name and address, and attach a stamp to your envelope.



Please write to your MPP regarding the following:

Ontarians are being asked to consider alternate forms of healthcare delivery due to escalating costs.

  • 65% of Ontarians surveyed in October 2002 objected to the public funding of abortion on demand. 
  • Almost all abortions are for "socioeconomic reasons" in Canada. 
  • The Canada Health Act imposes no duty on provinces to fund any services other than those which are medically necessary. 
  • There are no legal impediments preventing provinces from de-insuring abortions. 
  • Please enact legislation which will de-insure induced abortion in Ontario.