Check out these videos related to Abortion:


THE PROOF: Many aborted babies are used in vaccine creation: The John-Henry Westen Show


Harrowing film on Forced Abortion in China Receives Oscar Nomination for ‘Best Documentary’:


Jakkie's New Blog - Nothing is impossible with God:


Abortion Pill Reversal - please take note of the truth:

Unethical Study Manufactures Results. The chemical abortion pill is growing in use and may soon outpace surgical abortion. This evolving trend demonstrates why the Abortion Pill Reversal network of medical professionals is vital to saving babies and protecting their mothers.


The official "Unplanned" trailer for the new movie coming out in 2019

Unplanned is the inspiring true story of one woman’s journey of transformation.



Hormonal contraceptives cause abortions, researchers find - 2019


A Growing Threat - The chemical abortion - 2019

“I had no idea what was coming. No idea.”
Those are the chilling words of Elizabeth Gillette describing a chemical abortion she underwent after an appointment at Planned Parenthood.

Here is the link to see the video:


Does Protesting Abortion Really make any difference?

Pro-Life Action League executive director Eric Scheidler answers teh question. See his video:


Doctor Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes: 


Tears of Abortion - Story of an aborted baby:

Purchase @
This video peeks inside the womb to hear what a baby might be feeling and think. It punches hard but at the same time is tastefully done.

Have tissue near by, most people cry the last 2 minutes of this video. Life begins at conception and we certainly don't need planned

parenthood doing partial birth abortions. Stop abortions now.


Video in Support of  the Petition of One Million Project 

Please see the choice42 video at the end of the email below. I am glad to see that this video does not separate the so called “wanted”

babies and those designated “unwanted”. While the video is made with Asaara in mind it speaks to the insanity of all children in the

womb being designated as non-human beings. If you have not acted upon our Petition of One Million Project – please let this be the

instigation and impetus to do so.


Video of the 2018 March for Life:


10 Reasons Why Abortion is Not a "Pro-Choice" blog:


Life Begins at the Beginning Blog:


The Baby Planned Parenthood Can't Silence:


NFL Star Ben Watson Challenges Men to End Abortion: "Step Up & Lead":


Canadian Abortion Facts Artical:


Videos related to Gay agenda:


School conference secretly hands out pornographic gay-sex manual to
kids…behind parents’ backs in Alberta. - 2018



Videos related to Euthanasia:


Shocking Video Shows Patient Begging to Stay Alive, But Hospital is Trying to Kill Him. - 2015



Good Books to read:


Link to the poem Wholly Innocent


"The Walls are Talking"book by Abby Johnson


Good Movies to watch:


"The Fight Within"Film by Jason Jones, Movie to Movement


Focus on the Family Film: Irreplaceable (available to borrow through our Right to Life library)


 Alison's Choice" a movie about life-2016 Marchmin Films



"The Euthanasia Deception" Documentary by EPC


Facebook [Pam DeAlmeida] Slice of Life - life with a Down's child


YouTube video :"Sing a Little Louder"


Movie "Hacksaw Ridge"


Movie Documentary "The Drop Box"


Older, but good videos and articals regarding Abortion:


Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood’s Top Doctor Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies.

A must see. - 2015


BREAKING:  Second video shows Planned Parenthood negotiating

payments for 'baby parts' - 2015


Miracle Baby Born Twice After Doctors Perform Life-Saving Surgery On

Mom. An encrediable story!


November 3, 2017

UN Committee Explicitly Excludes Unborn Children from Legal Protection


Rapper’s New Song Hits Planned Parenthood Over Selling Baby Parts: “They Will be Judged

by God” - 2015


Abortionist Admits the Brutality of Abortion: “It’s Violence, It’s a Person, It’s Killing” - 2015


Woman Who Killed Her Baby Has Conviction Overturned, Court Says Six-Day-Old Baby Isn’t

a Person - 2015


A call to motherhood artical - July 2011: